First!  I want to say I love you all so much..... I never dreamed I would have been able to do this. Everyone of you. have helped me  so much.. Dennis and Kelly I want to thank you for going above and beyond what you really had to do. You both worked with me and helped me accomplish this goal. I KNOW , that other places would NOT have done the same.  As you both know I went down the street before I came there. They drug their feet at every move.  For that I thank them.. Because if they had not done that, I would not have had the chance to meet and work with all of you.   You really could not possible know what this has meant to me. 


Lavonne, you were so wonderful, you never got, or at least showed any frustration when I kept making changes. You made me laugh so many times. All of you made this a wonderful experience.  I cant thank you enough.   Please also let Craig and his crew know I really appreciate them as well.


Claudia, thank you so much for you help in arranging everything. I know I drove all of you nuts (in a good way) but I was excited every step of the way. As all of you know, I tried to stay involved every step. Hope I didn't drive you too crazy.


Now , I can sit, in MY, HOUSE and look around and say to myself " I DID IT"....  With all your help! But I did it.


Thank ALL of you so Much. I have told everyone I know how wonderful you guys are.


As soon as get the yard looking half way descent, I will have a little party and have all you over.


Keep in touch.